York Union of Golf Clubs

Amateur Championship - 36 Holes

Sunday 5th June 2022, White Tees, Forest Park G C

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Gross LeaderboardR1R2TotalPar
1st Nathan Wilkinson Sandburn Hall 7073143 (won by playoff)+1
2nd Harry Lee THE OAKS GOLF CLUB & SPA 7469143+1
3rd Iain Angus Forest Park 7176147+5
4th Thomas James Kelly Fulford Golf Club 7474148+6
5th Alistair Smith Pike Hills Golf Club 7376149+7
6th Thomas Pyman THE OAKS GOLF CLUB & SPA 7476150+8
7th Wayne Pendall Forest Park 7873151+9
7th Matthew Roberts Fulford Golf Club 7378151+9
9th Ciaran Matthews Fulford Golf Club 7676152+10
9th William Adamson Pike Hills Golf Club 7577152+10
9th Paul Winterburn Heworth Golf Club (Yorkshire) Golf Club 7379152+10
12th Hyun Mo Yang Fulford Golf Club 7479153+11
13th George Robson Fulford Golf Club 7778155+13
13th Andrew Lunn Forest Park 7580155+13
15th Jim Batt-jnr Heworth Golf Club (Yorkshire) Golf Club 8175156+14
15th Matthew Dolling York Golf Club (Yorkshire) 8175156+14
15th Chris Lone Pike Hills Golf Club 8076156+14
18th Ryan Diuga Kirkbymoorside 8077157+15
19th Paul Hand THE OAKS GOLF CLUB & SPA 8178159+17
20th Callum Robertson Heworth Golf Club (Yorkshire) Golf Club 9171162+20
20th Gary Moore THE OAKS GOLF CLUB & SPA 8577162+20
20th Enrique Mazon Malton & Norton 8280162+20
23rd Paul Stancliffe Forest Park 8182163+21
24th Charles Emsley THE OAKS GOLF CLUB & SPA 8777164+22
24th Simon Cass Kirkbymoorside 8282164+22
24th Gary Nicholson Forest Park 8084164+22
27th Jonny Pattenden Malton & Norton 8976165+23
27th Wayne Strutt THE OAKS GOLF CLUB & SPA 8085165+23
29th Sam Thornton Lancaster Golf Club 8483167+25
30th Jack Boyd Malton & Norton 9078168+26
30th Luke Winterburn Forest Park 8781168+26
30th Paul Joseph Malton & Norton 8385168+26
33rd Carl Woodbridge THE OAKS GOLF CLUB & SPA 8584169+27
33rd Ken Tuite Forest Park 8485169+27
33rd Chris Chappell Forest Park 7891169+27
36th Martin Jackson Heworth Golf Club (Yorkshire) Golf Club 8486170+28
37th Allan Swift Forest Park 8887175+33
38th Mark Pearson THE OAKS GOLF CLUB & SPA 8890178+36
39th Alfie Messias Malton & Norton 87NR  
40th Ben Wainwright York Golf Club (Yorkshire) 89DQ  

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