YUGC Amateur Championship




2019 J Miller Fulford
2018 D Couslon Fulford
2017 D Coulson Fulford
2016 J Miller Fulford
2015 M Brown Pike Hills
2014 D Coulson Fulford
2013 M Brown Pike Hills
2012 G Forder Fulford
2011 M Brown Pike Hills
2010 M Brown Pike Hills
2009 M Brown Pike Hills
2008 M Brown Pike Hills
2007 M Brown Pike Hills
2006 S Parkin Malton & Norton
2005 J Duckett Fulford
2004 M Brown Pike Hills
2003 M Kelly Fulford
2002 M Kelly Fulford
2001 I Simpson Fulford
2000 D Holder The York
1999 J L Plaxton Fulford
1998 D S Holder The York
1997 J P Miller Fulford
1996 S East Fulford
1995 S East Fulford
1994 S Dyson Malton & Norton
1993 A Holmes Kirbymoorside
1992 A Holmes Kirbymoorside
1991 J P Miller Fulford
1990 S East Fulford
1989 K J Miller Fulford
1988 S East Fulford
1987 K J Miller Fulford
1986 K J Miller Fulford
1985 S J Gledhill Heworth
1984 S Elliott Heworth
1983 S East The York
1982 J B Issott Fulford
1981 J B Issott Fulford
1980 T P Gifford The York
1979 M A Oates Pike Hills
1978 H C Stephenson The York
1977 J M Tavener The York
1976 J B Issott Fulford
1975 J B Issott Fulford
1974 D C Paver Pike Hills
1973 B Harwood Fulford
1972 J E Linaker Fulford
1971 D C Paver Pike Hills
1970 J E Linaker Fulford
1969 J A M Cooper The York
1968 B Harwood Fulford
1967 C E Powell The York
1966 J M Knowlson Easingwold
1965 D G Barber The York
1964 J M Knowlson Easingwold
1963 J M Knowlson Easingwold
1962 B Harwood Fulford
1961 G O Bell The York
1960 J M Knowlson Easingwold
1959 J Brisbane Fulford
1958 C E Powell The York
1957 C E Powell The York
1956 D R L Dowsett The York
1955 C E Powell The York
1954 T A Elliott Fulford
1953 C E Powell The York
1952 C E Powell The York
1951 C E Powell The York
1950 C E Powell The York
1949 C E Powell The York
1948 D B Hamilton Fulford
1947 C E Powell The York
1946 J A McGregor Fulford
1945  No Competition
1944  No Competition
1943  No Competition
1942  No Competition
1941  No Competition
1940  No Competition
1939 W V Sinclair Fulford
1938 W V Sinclair Fulford
1937 J A McGregor Fulford
1936 M A R Hindmarsh The York
1935 N W Dunn Fulford
1934 C E Powell The York
1933 C H Cross Easingwold

Keep up to Date

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CONTACT : >  Competition Secretary - compsec@theyorkunionofgolfclubs.co.uk