Competition Rules

(Revised January 2019)

1) Play in all competitions shall conform to the Rules of Golf as laid down by R&A Rules Ltd and any additional local rules in force at the Host Club or applied by the Union for the competition.

2) All competitions shall be played, as far as possible, at each member club’s course in turn.

3) Except where otherwise stated the competitions shall be open to all Playing members and Junior members of Affiliated Member clubs. Such members shall play under their correct names and must

a.Conform to the definition of Amateur Status as laid down by R&A Rules Ltd.

b.Be is possession of an Active CONGU handicap and lifetime ID, both of which must be provided at time of entry if requested.

Notes: For all Union competitions, a “Junior” is classed as a player under the age of 18 at 00:00 on 1st January in the current year, even where this may be at variance with the player’s home club definition of a Junior player.

Where Amateur players are members of more than one club in the York Union, they shall play from their Home Club Handicap, and may only enter and play in competitions through their Home club. Professionals where eligible, shall play off scratch, or a handicap fixed by the Executive Committee. Assistant professionals where eligible, shall play off a maximum handicap of 6, or a lesser handicap decided by the Executive Committee, in association with the Assistant’s club Professional.
Professionals and/or Assistant professionals shall not play in the same pairing.

6) Professionals and Assistant professionals shall be eligible to play in the following competitions: York Open Championship, Yorkshire Herald Mixed Foursomes, Crossley Trophy, Kitching Trophy, Lewis Trophy, Cross Trophy, Pike Hills Cup and the 1900 Anniversary Bowl.  Attached Professionals are not eligible to play in any competition.

7) Ladies are eligible to enter competitions Nos. 4,5,8,17 and 21. Lady professionals and Assistant lady professionals of the member clubs shall be eligible to play in the Fulford Rose Bowl, the Yorkshire Herald Mixed foursomes, and the Aldwark Trophy in which they play from the ladies’ red tees. All competitors in competition No 17 shall play from White tees.

8) All competitions, except for the Cross Trophy, will be decided on the day. In the event of a tie in the Amateur, Open, Ladies and Junior Championships, a play off will take place under conditions laid down by the Executive Committee before commencement of play. In all other competitions, the winners of the Trophy and vouchers will be decided by count back over the last 9, 6, 3 or 1 hole. Should there still be a tie; the winner will be decided over the last 6, 3 or 1 hole of the front nine. Trophies and vouchers will be shared equally if scores are still tied.

9) Number and Value of prize vouchers for each competition will be determined by the number of entrants in a ratio to be determined by the Executive Committee from time to time, and the maximum prize value will be set by the Executive committee and reviewed as necessary (see Rules and Regulations No 17). Prizes not collected at presentations are donated to the York Union Junior funds. Players not attending the prize presentation and failing to nominate someone from their club to collect on their behalf to the official on duty prior to the presentation will be deemed to have agreed to donate their prize to the Junior Funds. Those involved in a play-off other than the eventual winner will receive an equal share of the relevant prizes.

10) Entry of a name on the official entry form, or notified to the Competition Secretary in writing (by electronic means or otherwise), and subsequently included in the draw commits the entrant to payment of the entrance fee, unless notice of withdrawal is given to the Competition Secretary at least 4 days prior to the competition, or before the Draw list is published on the Union’s web site, whichever is later.

11) The Host club shall provide a starter and an official to be on duty on the day of the competition.

12) Junior boys with handicaps of 12 or less, and girls with handicaps of 18 or less may play in adult competitions at the discretion of their home clubs. In four-ball or foursomes play they must be partnered by an adult member who must be responsible for all matters concerning the junior. In Stroke play Juniors may be paired together in a group at the discretion of the Competition Secretary” Adult entrance fees apply to all players in Adult competitions.

13) An entrant to a competition, who fails to report for play, will be liable to a 12 month suspension from all Union competitions and will be required to pay the entry fee.  If a fee remains unpaid the suspension will continue without limit, until the fee is paid.

14) A player in any competition who fails to fulfil his obligations regarding completion of any or all stipulated rounds of a competition without good reason, and failing to report the facts to the official on duty will be liable to a 12 month suspension from all Union Competitions. The reason(s) for any withdrawal during a competition must be submitted in writing to the Competition Secretary within 14 days of the competition, and will be presented to the Executive committee for a decision on suspension.

15) Entrants to all competitions agree to conform to the Union’s Code of Conduct.

16) Anyone in breach of a host club rule or failing to conform to recognised standards of behaviour or with dress regulations of that Club will also subject themselves to a suspension or such disciplinary action as may be considered appropriate by the executive committee.

17) The number of competitors allowed in any competition will be decided by the Executive Committee in consultation with the host club.

a.Places in the Open, Amateur, Ladies’ and Junior Championships shall be allocated in exact handicap order (at entry date) until the available spaces are filled. If necessary, places may be filled by a ballot of higher handicap entries.

b. In all other competitions, an equal number of places shall be allocated to each member club. If any club does not take up its full allocation, or where there are spare places available, the Competition Secretary may fill those places from any reserve lists that may have been submitted.

c.Where a specified handicap limit is referred to in the conditions of a competition, it shall be taken to mean that players with a handicap more than 2 outside those limits may not enter the competition. The President and Captain of member clubs may enter any competition irrespective of handicap but all entrants must play off the maximum competition limit if their handicap is higher.

d.A competitor whose entry meets the competition requirements, but whose handicap is subsequently amended must play off their amended handicap or the maximum allowed in the competition, whichever is lower.

18) Competitions Nos. 8, 9, 12 and 13 consist of two separate competitions normally played on a single day on the same or different courses. No player shall be eligible to play in both events, even if, for any reason, the schedule requires these competitions to be played on different days.

19) In mixed competitions, CONGU guidelines for adjustment of handicaps will be applied.

20 )In any competition where vouchers are awarded in separate categories, players may only win one prize.

21) The use of Ride on buggies is generally prohibited in all competitions although permission to use a ride on buggy will be granted in exceptional circumstances. A person who is disabled within the meaning of Section 6 of the Equality Act 2010 or any statutory modification thereof, must provide a medical form signed by a medical practitioner, certifying that the player is disabled with the meaning of the Act and by reason thereof is unable, or has undue difficulty in playing golf without the use of a motorised buggy.

a.Any application to use a buggy must be indicated on the entry form to the competition.

b.Unless prior notification has been made, the required medical document must be sent to the Competition Secretary with the entry form.

c.Requests to use a buggy will not be considered once the start list has been published.

d.If the player wishes to use his/her own buggy, evidence of appropriate insurance must also be provided.

e.The Secretary will notify the host club of any such requests.

f.The final decision will rest with the Host club, and if permission is granted, it will be for the sole use of the applicant. Penalty for any breach of these conditions will be disqualification.

22) Each competition shall be administered by the Competition Secretary, a nominated member of the Executive Committee or its designated authority (e.g. the host club’s Union representative on duty). They shall have authority to adjudicate on all matters relating to the competition on the day. Any matters relating to absence or failing to meet obligations as detailed above shall be reported to the executive committee. Any appeal against a decision must be put in writing to the executive committee.