Disciplinary Procedures

The following procedure will be followed in the event that it is necessary to initiate disciplinary action against any member of the Union.

  1. The disciplinary committee of the York Union of Golf Clubs shall consist of not more than three members nominated by the serving Union President, one of the members of the committee to be elected chairman by the President.

  2. Any person with a personal involvement or interest in the subject matter shall not be appointed to the disciplinary committee.

  3. All members of the disciplinary committee must be totally impartial.

  4. The Secretary (or deputy as appointed by the President) shall act as secretary of the disciplinary committee and record minutes. He/she is not part of the committee and does not have a vote or say in any decision made.

  5. An enquiry may be initiated in two ways.

    1. By a complaint sent to the Union’s Secretary in writing identifying the person against whom the complaint is made, and giving details of the conduct in respect of the complaint being made.

    2. The Executive committee referring any complaint to its secretary in writing giving details of the complaint being made.

  6. On receipt of the report the secretary shall as soon as practicable.

    1. Inform the Union President.

    2. Notify the person/persons in writing of the complaint being made against him/her/them and advise him/her/them that they may submit in writing any observations on the complaint. The Secretary must make the person/persons aware that he is under no obligation to make a statement but any statement to be made must be submitted in writing within seven days.

    3. After seven days the secretary must convene a meeting of the disciplinary committee by serving not less than 14 days notice of the time, date and place of the hearing on the members of the disciplinary committee and the enquiree/enquirees/and any other persons the President decides are appropriate

  7. Attached to the letter sent to the enquiree shall be attached a copy of the disciplinary code.

  8. At every enquiry the inquiree shall have the right:

    1. To be present in person

    2. To state his case, and furnish further evidence

    3. To be assisted at the hearing by a fellow Union member or colleague of his choosing.

  9. The Secretary shall take minutes of all proceedings and the decisions made, The inquiree appealing against the decisions made is entitled to a copy of these minutes.

  10. Penalties may be any one of the following as decided by the Disciplimary Committee;

    1. A reprimand

    2. Suspension from Union competitions for a period decided by the disciplinary committee

    3. Suspension of the inquirer’s membership of the Union.

    4. Penalty pursuant to clause 17 of the CONGU UHS scheme.

  11. The disciplinary committee shall on finding of guilt invite the inquiree to make submissions on the penalty imposed. Within 7days of the announcement the secretary shall serve written notice of that decision and the reason for it.

  12. An inquiree may by written notice appeal against the decision of the disciplinary committee to the Unions Executive Committee to be served within 14 days of the date of service of the decision on the inquiree. The inquiree in writing shall provide evidence indicating the grounds for appeal. On receipt of an appeal the secretary of the disciplinary committee involved shall inform the Unions Executive Committee which shall as soon as possible appoint an appeal committee for the purpose of dealing with the appeal. The disciplinary Committee secretary shall act as secretary to the appeal committee. The decision of the appeal committee shall be final and there shall be no right of appeal.