Inter Club Scratch League

  a)        Teams will consist of four players

b)       Each team will play two matches per season, home and away, against the other teams in their division.

  c)        Matches will take place during the week set out in the fixture list, on a day and time mutually agreed by the two team captains, with the host club having priority of choice.

  d)       Only team captains can decide that a match be postponed or suspended, unless the course has been closed by the host club. In the case of postponement other than for a course closure, the decision shall be made on the first tee at 6:00 p.m. or later on the day of the match. The Competition Secretary shall be informed of the reason for any postponement as soon as possible. Matches may not be postponed or suspended for any reason other than bad weather, state of the course following bad weather or course closure.

  e)        In the event of suspension after a match has started and which cannot be completed within the following seven days, the results of completed games will stand, and games in progress will be awarded a half.

f)        A match postponed or suspended before play commences shall be played within seven days, on a date mutually agreed, or failing agreement, on the seventh day. If a team is unable to host the event within the period allowed, it may waive home advantage and play at the opponent’s course if this can be done in the period allowed. In the event of extreme bad weather, and with the agreement of the Competition Secretary, a match may be re-arranged for the next free week in the calendar, or the week following the last match of the season, whichever is sooner.

  g)       In the event that the match cannot be played, the points will be shared.

  h)       A team shall concede a match only if it is unable to meet its obligations to raise a team. All results for a team that fails to raise a team on more than one occasion in the season will be deemed null and void, and will be removed from the records.

  i)         Points will be awarded as follows: for each match – two for a win, one for a half. Players will receive 2 points for each game win, and 1 point for each halved game.

  j)         The Team Captains for each match shall list their players in order of handicaps. The lists shall be exchanged simultaneously and the pairings for each game taken accordingly.

  k)       If a player fails to be present for his game within the teeing-time allocated to the match by the host club, then he shall be recorded as having lost.

  l)         The visiting players shall be given the card of the course and any local rules.

  m)      It is the responsibility of the home team captain to inform the Competition Secretary of the result of the match and details of players as soon as possible after the conclusion of the match.

  n)       Completed match sheets will be used to award points for the Order of Merit. It is the team captains’ responsibility to ensure that details are recorded accurately. OOM points will not be awarded for games not played.

  o)       The league will be divided into two or more divisions, with no more than seven teams in each division, according to the number of teams entered. Any new teams registered shall join the league in the lowest division.

  p)       A player may only represent one club in any season.

  q)       The number of teams to be promoted or relegated from each division (normally 2) may be varied by season to balance the number of teams playing in each division, and will be advised to clubs at the start of each season.

  r)        Positions in the league will be decided on the basis of match points gained during the season,

  s)         If there is a tie on match points positions in the league will be decided taking the following in order:

        1. The aggregate number of game points from all matches

        2. The aggregate number of match points between the tied teams

        3. The aggregate number of game points between the tied teams

        4. The total number of matches won will be used

        5. The total number of games won will be used

        6. The aggregate number of holes up over all matches

        7. The aggregate number of holes up between the tied teams will be used

  t)         If there is still a tie for 1st place in a division, the title will be shared

u)       If there is still a tie for promotion or relegation places, positions will be decided by lot.