Division 1 2015

11th MayPike Hills 8v 0Sandburn Hall
wk 1Malton & Norton 0v 8The Oaks

Scarthingwell 5v 3Kirkbymoorside

18th MayMalton & Norton 3v 5Pike Hills
wk 2Kirkbymoorside 6v 2Sandburn Hall

Scarthingwell 5v 3The Oaks

25th MayPike Hills 6v 2Scarthingwell
Week 3Sandburn Hall 6v 2Malton & Norton

The Oaks 6v 2Kirkbymoorside



8th JuneThe Oaks 6v 2Pike Hills
Week 4Scarthingwell 6v 2Sandburn Hall

Kirkbymoorside 5v 3Malton & Norton

15th JunePike Hills 8v 0Kirkbymoorside
Week 5Sandburn Hall 6v 2The Oaks

Malton & Norton 7v 1Scarthingwell

22nd JuneSandburn Hall 6v 2Pike Hills
Week 6The Oaks 6v 2Malton & Norton

Kirkbymoorside 5v 3Scarthingwell



6th JulyScarthingwell 2v 6Pike Hills
Week 7Malton & Norton 2v 6Sandburn Hall

Kirkbymoorside 0v 8The Oaks

13th JulyPike Hills 7v 1Malton & Norton
Week 8Sandburn Hall 5v 3Kirkbymoorside

The Oaks 7v 1Scarthingwell

20th JulyPike Hills 8v 0The Oaks
Week 9Sandburn Hall 6v 2Scarthingwell

Malton & Norton 4vKirkbymoorside

27th JulyKirkbymoorside 0v 8Pike Hills
Week 10The Oaks 3v 5Sandburn Hall

Scarthingwell 7v 1Malton & Norton

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