Division 2 2017

08-MaySandburn Hall6v2Scarthingwell
wk 1The Oaks "B"6v2Easingwold

Heworth6v2Forest Park

The York "B"2v6Pike Hills "B"

15-MaySandburn Hall6v2The Oaks "B"
wk 2Scarthingwell6v2Pike Hills "B"
.Forest Park3v5The York "B"


22-MayThe Oaks "B"6v2Scarthingwell
wk 3Heworth6v2Sandburn Hall

The York "B"7v1Easingwold

Pike Hills "B"4v4Forest Park

29-MaySandburn Hall3v5The York "B"
wk 4Scarthingwell4v4Heworth

The Oaks "B"4v4Pike Hills "B"

Easingwold3v5Forest Park

05-JunHeworth8v0The Oaks "B"
wk 5The York "B"3v5Scarthingwell

Forest Park3v5Sandburn Hall

Pike Hills "B"8v0Easingwold

12-JunFree Week

Sandburn Hall6v2Easingwold
19-JunScarthingwell6v2Forest Park
wk 6The Oaks "B"6v2The York "B"

Heworth7v1Pike Hills "B"

26-JunThe York "B"4v4Heworth
wk 7Forest Park6v2The Oaks "B"


Pike Hills "B"3v5Sandburn Hall

03-JulScarthingwell5v3Sandburn Hall
wk 8Easingwold5v3The Oaks "B"

Forest Park6v2Heworth

Pike Hills "B"6v2The York "B"

10-JulFree Week

17-JulThe Oaks "B"8v0Sandburn Hall
wk 9Pike Hills "B"3v5Scarthingwell

The York "B"4v4Forest Park


24-JulScarthingwell0v8The Oaks "B"
wk 10Sandburn Hall4v4Heworth

Easingwold1v7The York "B"

Forest Park6v2Pike Hills "B"

31-JulThe York "B"3v5Sandburn Hall
wk 11Heworth4v4Scarthingwell

Pike Hills "B"0v8The Oaks "B"

Forest Park4v4Easingwold

07-AugFree Week

14-AugThe Oaks "B"4v4Heworth
wk 12Scarthingwell2v6The York "B"

Sandburn Hall1v7Forest Park

Easingwold8v0Pike Hills "B"

21-AugEasingwold5v3Sandburn Hall
wk 13Forest Park6v2Scarthingwell

The York "B"4v4The Oaks "B"

Pike Hills "B"2v6Heworth

28-AugHeworth3v5The York "B"
wk 14The Oaks "B"6v2Forest Park


Sandburn Hall8v0Pike Hills "B"

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